The Great Reads Award Official Shortlist 2022

We are SO excited to reveal our Junior and Senior shortlist of titles for the 2022 Great Reads Award!

The Junior list features the following Debut Authors:

Aoife Dooley

Meg Long

Philly McMahon

Morgan Owen

JC Peterson

And the Senior list of Debut Authors showcases:

Erik Brown

Jen Ferguson

Louise Finch

Vanessa Len

Christine Pillainayagam

As always, this award is chosen by you, the readers, and we’ll announce both here and on our Insta/Twitter/TikTok accounts when the voting is open. So keep an eye on the voting page here and as soon as you’ve had a read, make your marks count! You have all the way until January 31st, 2023, to rate your Great Read. This year’s award will be presented on the 2nd of March to coincide with World Book Day. It’s literally all good news!

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